A Very Short Story (Because Why Not)

Here's yet another attempt at a short story. I feel like creating something, so here we go. (Note: As usual, there will be absolutely no editing or reviewing as I write this. It will be think -> type -> publish. That's it.) (Another note: @FandomWright suggested the topic "Adam Wright")   Adam strolled through the busy... Continue Reading →


Final Post for 2015 (Probably)

This is probably the final thing I'm going to post on here for 2015. I haven't been particularly active online this year, and it's highly unlikely I'm going to suddenly have a powerful torrential surge (redundant language) of blog-worthy thoughts between now and the end of December. In fact, I don't think I've had a single... Continue Reading →

I Just Joined Instagram (and other important information)

I just joined Instagram. Honestly, I have no idea why I did that, but I did and now it's done. A few days have passed since I greatly improved the Instagram service with my presence, and I've now posted a few pictures. Already, a handful of people (sycophants) have expressed their undying and unconditional appreciation... Continue Reading →

A Very Short Story for the Interim

Okay, so I started writing something (as per my previous post), and it's growing into something much larger than I originally anticipated. What began as a little spark of an idea (a Prince smuggling something out of his Kingdom), has evolved into an actual full tale with plots, sub-plots, and hints of a much deeper backstory.... Continue Reading →

More Short Story Nonsense (coming)

Hey world. Remember a few years ago when I wrote some, like, quick short stories and shit? Remember that? Of course you don't. Hell, even I forgot for a while. Anyway, for reference, they're linked below. Here's one, and here's the other. I just thought I would let you know (be it a good idea or not) I... Continue Reading →

Tag Team Comedy – FREE PREVIEW

Hi Wellington I'm so excited about the upcoming season of Tag Team Comedy in the 2015 NZICF, that I've decided to fun two FREE preview nights. That's right. Two. Free. That's zero money cost to your dollar wallet pocket. Here's the summary that you'll actually read: When: 8pm, Friday 10th and Friday 17th April Where:... Continue Reading →

Tag Team Comedy – 2015 NZ Comedy Festival

Dear Everyone, I'm not sure if you are aware of this already, but the SMASH HIT AWARD-WINNING show of 2014, Tag Team Comedy, is making its Comedy Festival debut this year. That's right, there's gonna be a full four-night season in Wellington, and I want YOU to be there. All of you. Every single darn-tootin' one of... Continue Reading →

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