Going Back (To Tawa College)

Well, it seems I'm about to go and perform a lunchtime show at my old high school, Tawa College.   Weird. Weird feeling. Really, really weird feeling. I haven't been there for (what is it now?) about 13 years, I think. That makes me feel old. Older than old. The oldest. Like I'm Father Time's... Continue Reading →


The 2012 Christmas Comedy Showcase!

That time of year is approaching yet again, folks. I know it's only the beginning of November, but it doesn't hurt to plan your holiday season entertainment early. In fact, it doesn't hurt to buy your tickets either. Okay. Listen. You know I'm about the plug something. All the classic signs are there; I've called this... Continue Reading →

You win, Mr. Chandrahasen!

As a comedian and long-time comedy observer, I have seen many interesting things happen in comedy clubs. I have seen great comedians fall flat on their ass. I have seen terrible comedians reduce an audience to tears of unstoppable laughter. I have seen a man throw a glass at Gareth Bradley, and yell "Anti-semite!" with... Continue Reading →

It Has Begun!

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few days, you'll know the 2011 NZ International Comedy Festival has officially started... kicked off... opened... exploded all up in your grill/face/grizzle fo' shizzle my pizzles, nizzles, and wizzles. (What?) The point is, it's on. It's happening. It's gettin' done. With a HUGE delicious... Continue Reading →

Martinborough Haha Times (and others too)

Hey quick update to all six of you who live in Martinborough. Be sure to head to the Settlers Bar in Martinborough Square this Thursday for some sweet live comedy from some of the country's top comedians! Your host James Nokise will bring to the stage Cori Gonzalez-Macuer (star of tv's 7 Days, Jono's New Show, and AotearoHa), Nick... Continue Reading →

Comedy in the Hutt Valley

Hey all you Hutt Valley folk! Just when you thought the world had forgotten you, and you were thinking of moving into Wellington city, BOOM... there's live comedy all up in your face. How do you like them apples? I bet you like them. You should like them. They're pretty good apples. First thing that you... Continue Reading →

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