Mic Drop Web Series

In 2016, professional film editor Ben Powdrell and I formed a company and produced a high-quality web series showcasing the best comedians in Wellington, New Zealand.

Please watch the episodes if you get a chance, and share them with your friends. The whole point of this series is to boost the profile of some hard-working comics who really deserve to increase their fanbase.

The “first season” of the show features:

Episode 01 – James Nokise
Episode 02 – Patch Lambert
Episode 03 – Li’i Alaimoana
Episode 04 – Molly Sokhom
Episode 05 – Nik Bruce-Smith
Episode 06 – Jerome Chandrahasen
Episode 07 – Lucy Roche
Episode 08 – Jonny Potts
Episode 09 – Adam Wright
Episode 10 – Rob Harris

Check out micdrop.co.nz or become a fan on Facebook or Twitter (@wgtnmicdrop)

The show was made possible through crowdfunding, and the support of a large number of people and businesses.

Thank you so much, everybody, for helping make something that I think all Wellingtonians can be proud of.