Wellington Comedy Webseries

Coming soon, I will be producing a high quality web series featuring the capital’s top stand up comedians showcasing what they do best.

Currently, all broadcast comedy in New Zealand is produced in Auckland, and priority is given to Auckland-based comedians. This denies performers outside of Auckland the opportunity to boost their career, and it also denies the New Zealand viewing public of variety.

Wellington comedy is HUGE. It’s time to let the world know.

The Wellington comedy community has never been stronger and more exciting than it is today. Right now it is bursting with passionate, hard-working, talented people, and it’s about time they were given a chance to shine.

This series will be a platform for these performers to reach a wider audience than just their comedy club live appearances alone.

Ideally, a wider reach will help to grow the already-booming Wellington comedy scene, giving even more opportunities to our incredible comedians, and even more comedy to Wellington’s wonderful and supportive crowds.

We’ve got a crowdfunding campaign running right now on Boosted, so please check out the pledge page and donate a few bucks if you can. With your support, we can make something pretty amazing.

Oh, and come to the live taping! It’s on Sunday 20th November at VK’s Comedy Club (Dixon Street, Wgtn). It’s gonna be a big show and it’d be wicked to have you there.

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