Some Thoughts on Success

A lot of artists strive to become successful.

Throughout their careers, they fight torrents of obstacles, from lack of funding and lack of support, to lack of inspiration and lack of public interest.

But what is success in the arts? Is it money? Fame? Sell out tours?

Or is it working hard, and knowing you’ve done everything you can to create and hone content of which you can really be proud?

Personally, I would rather create great content that is seen by a select few, than terrible content that is seen by many.

The way I see it, art is one of those pursuits where there really isn’t a finish line. So technically, the typical definition of “success means getting all the way to the end” doesn’t apply.

An artist can work for years – decades, even – and not achieve anything even remotely resembling the “typical” definition of success. They could do what they do, to the best of their ability, and never become rich. Never become a household name. Never get on TV. Never become that one idol everybody refers to when talking about the genre.

For me, success in the arts can be defined as this:

– If you’re always trying to create the best work you can, you’re successful.

– If you’re passionate about what you do, and you want to use your passion to inspire others, you’re successful.

– If you face hardships and challenges, but fight to overcome them, you’re successful.

In art, the only way to be a failure is to stop trying.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I’m proud of what I’ve been able to achieve as a performer, even if nobody else is. I’m not famous, I’m not wealthy, and I’m certainly not popular. But I do consider myself successful.

(A truckload of money would be nice, though).



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