Homeless Ghost?

This may seem a bit random… but I swear there’s a homeless ghost in Petone (Wellington, NZ).

And, no, this isn’t a short story.

Three times (not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES) in the past few weeks, I have walked past this guy and had nothing for him, but then I’ve gone back to give him something, only to find he’s not there anymore.

The first time I saw him, I went into a bakery to buy my lunch (a pie), and decided to also buy one for him. When I went back to give it to him, he was gone. (And my lunch that day was two pies).

Two of these badboys.

The second time I saw this guy, I went to a dairy (corner store), bought myself a drink (can of Fanta, if you’re interested in detail) and got some change. When I went back to give it to him, he was gone.

Boom. Fanta-stic (haha super groan).

The third time I saw him, I found a $5 note on the ground, and thought “He needs it more than me”. When I went back to give it to him, yep you betcha… he was gone.

Five delicious smackeroos.

I’m starting to think this homeless man is actually some kind of benevolent spirit, trying to teach me a lesson to always have things on me the first time around.

Or maybe just “Always be prepared”. Like some kind of Scout Master ghost.

Perhaps from now on I have to walk around with food and money on me at all times, and one day I’m gonna run into him again and he’ll be like. “You have learned well.”

And then just disappear into mist.

Then I can spend the rest of my days walking around the cities of the world, vanquishing homeless ghosts.


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