Maybe It’s Me? Yep. It’s Me.

A few months ago, I wrote a post here, making an honest plea to the public to get off their butts and go see live entertainment (specifically, to go see ME make MY feeble attempts at live entertainment).

I made my case, stating a wide-spread public ignorance towards the performing arts was to blame for the difficulty I’ve encountered in marketing comedy, and the poor attendance numbers at my own shows.

Simply put; it was a whinge. Nothing but a big old “poor me, I’m the victim, you’re at fault” whinge.

I just wanna say that that post has now been deleted, because it pointed the finger in the wrong direction. I blamed the public for not coming to my shows.

As I write this, I’ve recently returned from performing two nights of my latest solo comedy show (Looking At Myself) in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

The show was in the Dark Room Theatre (a fantastic 50 seat small venue for independent productions) and very few people showed up.

I think I had 10 people the first night, and 9 the second. That’s 19 people out of a possible 100 for the weekend. That’s a huge fail in anybody’s book, right?


Yes, it was disappointing financially (and career-advancement…ly), but ya know what? It was still fun. I enjoyed doing the show, and I think (hope) those 19 people enjoyed watching it.

At the time of posting the now-deleted whinge-post, I would have blamed the people of Palmerston North for this.

This is an unspeakable travesty!

How dare they not come to my thing!

Those horrendous, slack-jawed fools!

But not anymore. The Palmerston North masses didn’t come see my show, because I didn’t give them enough reason to. That’s the sole reason.

I have a piece of work I’m proud of, and I’m sure they would have enjoyed, but I didn’t bust my hump to make sure everybody knows that. There are so many things I could have done better to get people in the door, and I didn’t.

So, I guess the point of this post is this:

Dear People of Palmerston North,

We both missed out on something pretty cool this past weekend. You missed out on seeing my show, and I missed out on being able to perform it for you.

But that’s not your fault; it’s mine. And I’m sorry.

I like you, and I’ll bring another show to you some time soon. It’ll be even better than this one, and I’ll make damn sure you know about it.



TL:DR = Brad had epiphany about own failings as a comedian. Brad apologised for past whinge blaming others.



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