Going Back (To Tawa College)

Well, it seems I’m about to go and perform a lunchtime show at my old high school, Tawa College.



Weird. Weird feeling. Really, really weird feeling.

I haven’t been there for (what is it now?) about 13 years, I think.

That makes me feel old. Older than old. The oldest. Like I’m Father Time’s great-great-grandpappy or something. Father Time sits in his ancient rocking chair, stroking his glorious white beard, telling stories about how he remembers me from his youth, and he’s all like “I remember Brad. He was sooooo old, even way back then…”. And the little children at his feet don’t believe there could ever be something so old.

Okay, so that’s clearly an exaggeration. I’m only 29, but the thought of going back to my old school still makes me feel like an old man.

But me feeling old isn’t what this is about.

Because despite now questioning my mortality (and the ever-approaching cuddle-wuddle from Death’s cold skeletal arms), I’m actually excited.


Wow. My old school. So many memories. Some good, some not so good. Some of the teachers were awesome, and some… well, let’s just say I hope they’re not still there. For my sake, and for the sake of the current students. So many lessons learned, both in and out of the classroom. So many friends made and lost. So much time.

And now I get to go back and perform for a bunch of kids who are now sitting where I once sat. One or more of them might even be in literal exact spots where I rested my youthful backside. I could point at certain kids and say “Hey you! You’re in my spot! My butt used to go there.” And I would find it strangely profound in a whole “Circle of Life” sorta way. Although they most almost certainly won’t. They’ll just think I’m so old weirdo, talking about kids’ butts.

But think about this. Think about this, damn it!

I used to go to this school 13 or whatever years ago. What if some kid watching that lunchtime show, watching me try tell my silly jokey-jokes, decides to grow up and be a comedian. Then in 13 years time they come back and perform there too. And then some kid watching them decides to become a comedian. And the same thing happens again and again, and the cycle continues ad infinitum, until the sun explodes and any pathetic memory of the human race’s existence is erased from the cosmos for eternity…

Okay, so I’m clearly still on the death thing.

I’ve got some issues to work through, but they’ll have to wait until after the show.

See ya there, Tawa College!


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