A Very Short Story (Because Why Not)

Here’s yet another attempt at a short story. I feel like creating something, so here we go.

(Note: As usual, there will be absolutely no editing or reviewing as I write this. It will be think -> type -> publish. That’s it.)

(Another note: @FandomWright suggested the topic “Adam Wright”)


Adam strolled through the busy city streets, with no particular destination or agenda. The sun smiled down on him, and a light breeze offered its refreshing caress. It felt like a day for strolling, so stroll he did.

As his body aimlessly wandered, his mind followed suit. He pondered the scents and sights and sounds of the people who bustled by, the many remarkable things he had done already in his life, and the many remarkable things yet to come.

Would he ever climb Mount Everest again? Would he ever write another best-selling children’s book? Would he ever give another keynote speech at a global peace conference? Would he ever do anything more personally rewarding than life-coaching those at-risk urban teens? Looking at his accomplishments all at once like that made him appreciate just how full his life had already been and, since he was only 25, how much more time he had left to do even more.

Lost in thought, he failed to notice he had stepped onto the road. A bus whooshed past a hair’s breadth from his face, causing him to jump back onto the footpath, and his heart to attempt a death-defying leap out of his chest. He walked backwards, away from the road, eventually coming to a stop against the windows of a clothing store.

He leaned against the building, and breathed deeply while trying to regain his composure. After a few moments, he noticed that Jessie, one of the at-risk teens he had mentored, was standing directly in front of him, staring.

“Hey, are you okay, Adam?” Jessie asked. Jessie had been one of the most difficult teens Adam had ever worked with when they first met. He was thirteen, and already had a laundry list of police run-ins. He had been chewed up and spit out by the foster care system. The world had given up on Jessie, and Jessie had given up on himself.

But not Adam Wright. Adam saw that there was hope for this kid even when nobody else did. Adam endured abuse, outbursts of rage, and even vandalism and theft from Jessie. But eventually he broke down those angsty teenage walls. He made Jessie open up and confront himself about the destructive path he was hurtling down, and in doing so started the youth on a new path of self-improvement and joy. That was four years ago, and Adam remembered it with pride.

“Uh, yeah. I’m fine thanks, Jessie.” Adam said, his breath slowly returning to normal. “Just had a bit of a scare.”

“Yeah I saw that!” Jessie replied. “You almost got nailed by that bus. That was crazy!”

Then Jessie hit Adam over the head with a brick.


Okay, so you can tell (pretty obviously) that I lost track of whatever I was doing there.

That’s what happens when you start writing a story and have absolutely no idea what the plot, message, or even tone are gonna be.

But, hey, everybody loves a twist ending!

Hope you enjoyed that little pile of human brain nonsense.


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