Final Post for 2015 (Probably)

This is probably the final thing I’m going to post on here for 2015.

I haven’t been particularly active online this year, and it’s highly unlikely I’m going to suddenly have a powerful torrential surge (redundant language) of blog-worthy thoughts between now and the end of December.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve had a single “blog-worthy thought” my entire life. Now would be a weird time to start.

Anyway, let’s get a few items out of the way before we enter the meat of the post.

(Did I just say “enter the meat”? Wow, what a way to end the year.)

First things first; HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everybody who is celebrating something over the coming weeks.

Some of you won’t be celebrating anything at all, but hey that’s cool. Who needs joy, right?

Secondly, go back and re-read all the typey-typey-gold with which I’ve blessed you this year. There isn’t much of it in terms of quantity, but dang it’s good stuff. Quality reigns, y’all.

Don’t worry. I’ll wait here while you greedily gorge yourself with my blog’s glorious gooey goodness.

Have you finished? Was it as awesome as you thought it would be?

Okay, cool.

Thirdly, go hug somebody and tell them you’re thankful they’ve been a part of your life this year. Do it. DO IT.

Actually, go find somebody who HASN’T been a part of your life and give THEM a hug, too. They might need it more than you realise.

It has been a strange and eventful year for everybody, with all manner of scary nonsense going on in the world, and it’s nice to have somebody in your corner to help quiet the chaos and give you love.

Wait, did I just say something heartfelt? Ugh. Who the fuck am I?

Finally, here’s a picture of a cartoon goat.




Enter the meat, everyone!


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