I Just Joined Instagram (and other important information)

I just joined Instagram.

Honestly, I have no idea why I did that, but I did and now it’s done.

A few days have passed since I greatly improved the Instagram service with my presence, and I’ve now posted a few pictures. Already, a handful of people (sycophants) have expressed their undying and unconditional appreciation for my art, by hitting a ‘like’ button. Or a ‘favourite’ button. Or whatever the hell it is.

If you want to, you can (and should) follow me to keep up-to-date with my amazing pictures.

My handle (Is it called a handle? Is this 1994?) is bradleyzimmernz, because apparently some other fuckwit took every other available combination of Brad, Bradley, Zimmerman, and even Zimmer.

Honestly. How many Brad Zimmermans are using Instagram already? All of them, I think.

Bunch of pricks.

Anyway, you should follow me even though I have no photographic qualifications or skill or experience, and so far it’s just shit I already had on my phone.

But my shit is totally the best, so do that.

Once again, it’s bradleyzimmernz, in case you can’t be bothered reading the part where I already said that.


And in other news, I’m part of a huge fundraiser show called FUNraiser (get it? DO YOU GET IT?!) this Thursday (19th November) in Wellington.

All proceeds go to a great cause; cancer recovery costs for beloved Wellingtonian, Maria Dabrowska.

The lineup is bigger than Cthulu’s swollen left nut and it’s gonna be the best 77 hour show you’ve ever seen.

There are some tickets available for FUNraiser (that still cracks me up) here. Or here. Or maybe try here as well.

Also, you should follow me on Instagram because reasons.


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