How To Get More Traffic To Your Site!

I just had a friend send me a link to an article about getting more traffic to websites using a combination of shock, outrage and controversy. In a single word; manipulation.


I won’t tell you the name of the site or provide a link, because I don’t want to drive any more traffic to them than they’re already getting.

What I want to know is “What the hell is the point of tricking people into visiting your site?”



Yes, I know you get money every time some rube stumbles upon your site (if you’ve set up monetisation), but do you get any real benefit from getting tons of visitors who have no interest in what you actually do/are/provide? What does that get you in the long run?

If the only motivator for you to get readers is money, then you are a dick.

But really, it’s not your fault. It’s the internet’s fault. The internet, as we know it, is broken.

broken computer


You see, the internet is supposed to be an endless resource, providing us all with valuable information, art, and entertainment. Sounds pretty sweet, huh?

The problem is the internet has somehow devolved into a twisted playground the sole purpose of which is to pit people against one another.

Post a video (any video) on Youtube, and just watch the shitfight erupt in the comments. Post a joke (any joke) on Facebook and watch people attack your point of view, and then others attack the attackers in return (ironically) in defense of free speech. Look at Twitter for more than five seconds, and you’ll see tweet after tweet trying to arouse the public’s emotions for financial gain.

It’s pretty gross. We’re all trying to be top dog at the expense of everyone else online. Ugh.


If you’ve been here before, you will have noticed that I don’t post much content on this site, and I rarely update the information. As a result of my own lack of engaging and interesting content, I get suitably low traffic numbers. I’m okay with that. If I wanted to get thousands of people on my site, I’d think of something thousands of people could benefit from seeing, and put it here. I would not resort to inciting shitfights and toying with peoples’ emotions.

I’ll just use the internet “the old fashioned way”, by putting out something when I want to express myself, in the hopes that somebody who actually wants to see it will see it, and people who don’t want to won’t. Does that make sense? I don’t know. It’s late and I’m tired.

And I apologise for the “clickbait-style” headline. I think I was trying to make a point. I’m not really sure, to be honest.


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