Final Stretch (The Bit I Forgot)

This is a continuation of the last post (the one where I told you the Comedy Festival is a mere stone’s throw away).

I forgot (whoops) to give you a list of shows that I think are must-see events, if you’re in Wellington.

I have split these into which week of the festival they are in. That should help you in prioritising which tickets you should buy, and when.

Don’t forget that there are also fantastic special events happening, that you shouldn’t miss. One such event is Art By Funny People. This is an art exhibition, featuring works made by comedians. There will even be a rather impressive (if I do say so myself) drawing I did, back I when I still knew how to draw things. You’ll like it. It’s nude… but tasteful… but also nude.

Okay, so here goes my list of Comedy Festival recommendations. (Please note this is based solely on my own experiences/observations of these comedians)


Sam Smith in Samantics.
I love Sam Smith. He is a very clever man, with a ridiculously infectious positive vibe. Even if he wasn’t funny (which he absolutely is), he would still be a shimmering beacon of happiness. You can guarantee Sam’s show will make even the hardest bastard smile like they just watched a puppy snuggle a unicorn.

Fanfiction Comedy
The talented team behind Fanfiction Comedy (Auckland based) has had success everywhere they’ve gone. Seriously. These young comics (most of whom are younger than me, I believe) bring their own personal, wonderful touch to the world of fanfiction and nerd culture in general. Catch them before they’re painfully famous.

Pax’s Magic Carpet Ride
One of this year’s Billy T Award nominees is an Auckland comic named Pax. Although I don’t know Pax personally, I have seen him perform, and been blown away by the natural confidence, charm, and charisma he exudes on stage. I am looking forward to see him perform a full length show, and you should be too.

Jonny Potts in Let Us Reappraise Famous Men
Jonny Potts is someone I’ve come to know through the Wellington comedy community. He is an accomplished actor, and has impressive theatre credits. I still remember watching Jonny’s first ever stand up set, and how taken aback I was by his effortless command of the stage. Also, women find him attractive.


Adam Wright & Rick Threlfo
Adam Wright and Rick Threlfo are quickly rising in the local comedy world. Both are relative newcomers, but have already proven themselves to be top-class performers. I know their show will be intelligent and definitely not to be missed. They’re also being supported by Canadian comic, Rob Harris.

Get Even Better Flat Stories
The Flat Stories crew, were hits at last year’s NZ Comedy Festival, with their show ‘Get Even Better Work Stories’ (nominated for best newcomer). They’ve swapped their focus from work to flatting, and some of the stories I’ve heard so far have been absolutely incredible. This is a fantastic lineup of local Wellington comedians.

Jarrod Baker in Songs For My Infant Daughter
Jarrod Baker is one half of the Billy T Award winning musical duo, Mrs. Peacock. He is very deadpan in his delivery and has a great musical talent. Songs For My Infant Daughter looks like it might give some insight into Jarrod’s personal life; always a winning comedic strategy (in my opinion).

James Nokise in So-So Gangsta
James Nokise is a Wellington comedy whore. And I mean that in the best possible way. If you’ve seen a show in Wellington, there’s a pretty good chance James was in it. He’s an award-winning, TV regular, comedy favourite (for good reason). He always has mountains of incredible new material, and his show this year is about a topic very close to his heart.

(And of course Brad Zimmerman in Skydiving With My Mum)
You already know about this one. I harp on about it constantly.


A One Night Stand
One Night Stand isn’t a show; it’s twelve completely different shows, each for a single performance only. You have to see at least one of them. (Go see The Saturday Sideshow, featuring me and Rob Harris). There is a fantastic array of acts, and you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love. There’s solo shows, duo shows, lineup shows, even a panel show.

TJ McDonald & Nick Gibb
Nick Gibb won the Billy T Award. TJ McDonald almost won it… twice. These two good-looking middle class white guys are intelligent and don’t try to hide it. They’re both amazing story-tellers, and I make a point to see them any time they venture outside of Auckland. You should do the same.

Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes is the only non-local NZ show on this list. He’s THAT good. He is a regular headliner in the UK, and a regular feature on their televisions. He is always funny, and just as importantly, he always has a point. If you like comedy that feels a bit like a good argument, go see Steve’s show.

Greg Ellis as Vance Fontaine
Greg Ellis is one hell of an improviser. Like holy crap he’s good. I’ve seen Greg make up full length hour long shows on the spot. And not only that, they’re funny too. He’s clever and seems to know everything about everything. In this show, Greg (as Vance Fontaine), combines that undeniable improv talent with music. Reviewers love him.

So there ya have it, folks. If you’re in Wellington and wanted to know some personal picks of what to see, then you’re welcome.

If you didn’t want to know, then well I guess it’s too late for that now. You shouldn’t have read this far. You probably should have stopped at the beginning of the post, when I told you what I was gonna say.

If you did stop at the beginning, then you aren’t reading this right now. I could say anything I want. I tickle monkeys when they’re on the phone.

I’ve got other picks (I just love comedy of all sorts), so if you wanna know more, I’ll tell ya.


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