WE MADE IT! (Screw you, apocalypse)

So we made it through the supposed end of the world. We did it.

I, for one, take personal resposibility for all of mankind making it safely through to the other side. That’s right. It was me. The Mayans were right. But I got in there and fixed things. You don’t know how. You’ll never know how. I won’t tell you. I’m the hero Gotham deserves. Or something like that.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is “It’s 2013! It’s a new year! It’s puppies and rainbows and stuff.” I am very happy about this year. I’m looking forward to staring 2013 in the face and saying “Let’s dance” and then 2013 will be like “I don’t want to dance with you” and I’ll be like “That’s fine” and 2013 will walk away laughing amongst its friends, calling me things like “Sad” and “Pathetic” and “Such a loser” and whatever else teenagers say. “LOL ROFL OMG” or maybe something about vampires.

I had a great 2012. I got married in 2012. Did you get married in 2012? 2013 will be my first year as a married man. I’m going to stare marriage in the face and say “Let’s dance” and then marriage will be like “I don’t want to dance with you” and you know what, I think I already did that bit. Never mind.

2013 will also bring lots of comedy to Wellington. Like LOTS of comedy. There is a massive comedy explosion coming up, and the public are very lucky. Luckier than they even know. In fact, the public is gonna stare luck right in the face and say “Let’s dance” and then luck will be like, okay I’m not gonna bring that up again, I promise.

How much comedy, you ask? (Whether you did or didn’t ask, I don’t actually care)

LOTS of comedy.

Raw Meat Mondays are BACK for the new year. Still at the Fringe Bar. Still 8pm Mondays. Still new comics giving it a go, and old comics trying new stuff.

The Medicine is BACK for the new year. This one has now MOVED to The Cavern Club (Allen Street, Wgtn). New year. New location. Same awesome night of comedy. This is every Wednesday 8pm.

The Comedy Cave is BACK as well. This one is also at The Cavern Club. Don’t miss Wellington’s premier regular pro comedy night.

There are also lots of one-off special events coming up in the NZ Fringe Festival. These will be scattered all over town, so check out the Fringe Festival website for details.

There is a series of shows at the end of January, called Liberal Laughs. Check it out on eventfinder.co.nz. These shows all feature (from film and TV) James Nokise, Jerome Chandrahasen, Raybon Kan, and Cohen Holloway (and me).

And, of course, I know you’re most excited about this next one. That’s right the 2013 NZ International Comedy Festival will bring Brad Zimmerman’s new solo hour show, Skydiving With My Mum. It’s about when dreams come true, but not the way you thought they would. If you’ve ever had a dream, whether it came true or not, this show is for you.

That’s enough plugging for now.

It’s a new year.

It’s a new… um… see ya.

P.S. Go see some comedy.


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