The 2012 Christmas Comedy Showcase!

That time of year is approaching yet again, folks. I know it’s only the beginning of November, but it doesn’t hurt to plan your holiday season entertainment early.

In fact, it doesn’t hurt to buy your tickets either.

Okay. Listen. You know I’m about the plug something. All the classic signs are there; I’ve called this post ‘The 2012 Christmas Comedy Showcase’, I’m talking about planning your entertainment, and I’m talking about buying tickets.

Here’s the deal. Christmas is coming. I’m sure you know that already. You’re a smart person. You’re also very handsome/pretty. Along with Christmas, there is a Christmas comedy show that I think you will really enjoy.

It features top local comedians, including award winners and favourites from the NZ International Comedy Festival.

Anyway, here are the details:

The 2012 Christmas Comedy Showcase
Sunday 2nd December, 7:30pm
The Fringe Bar (191 Cuba St, Wgtn)
$10 Admission ($5 Students/Concession)

Sam Smith (Wellington Raw Comedy winner 2011)
Rob Harris (Young Guns 2012)
Rick Threlfo (Wellington Raw Comedy finalist 2012)
Adam Wright (“Adam Wright can work a room like a pro” Lumiere)
Brad Zimmerman (“Hilarious… not to be missed” Salient Magazine)

You can buy tickets here. I advise you do this early.

I’ve gone on enough about this now. If you’re still reading (instead of buying tickets), then I don’t know what to do with you. Do you want to play Scrabble or something? I once played ‘xylophone’ in a game of Scrabble. It was awesome. Actually, the word ‘phone’ was already there. I just wrote ‘xylo’ in front of it. On its own, ‘xylo’ isn’t a word. But in front of the word ‘phone’, it’s a great one. Take from that what you will… now go buy those tickets. They’re running out.


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