The Podcast Continues…

Four episodes of my new podcast, 10 Things In A Pod, are now available at or on iTunes.

So far, I’ve had four fantastic guests (Sam Smith, Nathan Winter, Adam Wright, and Rick Threlfo), and I have many more on the way.

There has been a much greater interest in this little project than I initially anticipated. The Nathan Winter episode reached over 1,000 listeners within a few days, and that number continues to grow. The other episodes are all hot on its heels. Also, local comedians are coming out of the woodwork to be a part of it.

I guess this post is a little “thank you” to all the people who have downloaded and/or listened to the podcast so far, and to all the comedians who are able to make it possible.

Cheers people!

In the latest episode (featuring Rick Threlfo), there was a running gag about getting the brand ‘Just Juice’ onboard as a sponsor. Although it started as a goof, I actually think that would be pretty sweet (no pun intended).

Let’s make it happen! Twitter hashtag campaign @10thingsinapod #justjuicesponsor


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