Comedy in Picton, People!

Hey just a quick little brag about where I’ll be this weekend… Picton.

Some of you might be like “Why the heck are you going to Picton?” and many of you will be like “Where??”

Well, I’ll answer both your questions. Picton is a small port town at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. And I’m going there to do comedy. I’m going there to perform for the good people of Picton, in their newly restored Picton Little Theatre.

In case you’re not impressed yet, here is a picture of where I’m being paid to go.

Jealous yet? You should be.

But enough about how awesome my life is; here’s some detail about the show.

The bill features a pretty sweet line up of comedians, including:

Brad Zimmerman (your favourite, I know)
Jonny Potts
Hadley Donaldson
Ben Caldwell
Jerome Chandrahasen

These are all acts I know (one of them really well), and I can guarantee this show is gonna be awesome. Incredible. Off the heezy fo’ sheezy, if you wanna express it that way.

One night only: Saturday August 4th 2012
Picton Little Theatre

Here’s a short news article about it.

That is the end. You can all either go book tickets now, or go somewhere and cry about how crappy your life is compared to mine.


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