The Funny People Cometh

That’s right, everybody. In case you hadn’t yet heard (because you’re either living in a cave, under a rock, or in a cave AND under a rock), the 2012 NZ International Comedy Festival is very close. Deliciously close. Mmm yeah taste how close it is. Ooh that’s the stuff.

Anyway, if your rock and/or cave situation has left you wondering “What the hell is the NZ comedy whoozit?” I’ll tell you. 

The NZ International Comedy Festival is a fantastic three weeks on the NZ comedy calendar. It comes around every April/May, and brings the best local and international comedians together into a giant smorgasbord of giggles and amalgamation of chuckles. I know, right? A smorgasbord AND an amalgamation. That’s pretty great.

Check out for information about the shows that you can see. 

Normally, at this point, I’d be promoting my own show, or a project with which I’m passionately involved. So what’s the show I’m promoting? What’s the show I’m about to tell you about?

None! That’s right none. This year, your favourite comedian, Brad Zimmerman, has stepped back, and sat his sexy butt down in the passenger seat. It’s gonna be an awesome (stress free) three weeks, filled with incredible shows to see, and I can’t wait. Boom.

The best thing about the comedy festival is that it’s the one time of the year that the New Zealand public actually knows that comedy exists in this country. For the rest of the year, the average kiwi has no idea that comedy happens in their little country, and as a performer it’s frustrating as hell.

That’s the most important thing about the festival, in my opinion. It’s the one opportunity us pathetic little comedy peons get to acquire some well-earned recognition for our hard work and determination. Also, the the mild possibility of being seen by somebody influential is an added bonus.

Anyway, the whole point of this little post/whinge was to let you know the festival is almost here. Two weeks away, or something like that.


So please, New Zealand public, visit, buy some show tickets and support live comedy. 


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