Catch some TV Comedians in your town!

Hello Lower Hutt!

No, don’t be alarmed. I know you thought everybody had forgotten about you, but I haven’t forgotten. You’re still in my thoughts. I sometimes dream of you. It’s not creepy or anything. It’s usually sweet (‘usually’ meaning sometimes it’s sweet, but sometimes it’s nasty and filthy the way you love it, Lower Hutt, you dirty minx).

Anyway, there’s an incredible Live Stand-Up Comedy show coming your way, that I think you should know about. Are you a fan of television? I know you are. You’ve got “I watch TV for several hours a day” written all over your sexy face.

Well, then you’ll be excited to know that TV comedians James Nokise (Pulp Comedy, TV Comedy Gala), Jerome Chandrahasen (Rhys Darby’s Comedy Christmas Cracker), Cori Gonzalez-Macuer (7 Days, The Jono Project, Cleo Bachelor of the Year) and Jeremy Elwood (7 Days), are bringing you a sweet-as-the-sweetest-corn comedy show featuring Wellington’s top up-and-coming comics.

And who are these so called “up-and-coming” (meaning their comedy careers are coming in an upward direction) comics? Well, I’ll tell you who they are. Just be patient.

They are Rick Threlfo, Hilaire Carmody, Sam Smith, Jonny Potts, and none other than Brad Zimmerman. If you’re paying attention to what website you’re looking at right now, you’ll know by now that the last guy, Brad Zimmerman, is me. That’s who I am. I’ve been that guy for ages and it’s working out so far. He’s got all sorts of exciting things going on.

You should really be a part of this thing. It is guaranteed to be the most exciting thing that will ever happen in Lower Hutt. You’ll love it.

Here are the details, so you can Facebook them, or Tweet them, or text them, or good old fashioned write them down:

Young Guns Comedy Show
Venue: Little Theatre Lower Hutt
Date: Thursday 9 March, 8pm
Price: $20 Concession, $25 General Admission

Holy cow! Wow! Surprise! Shock! Exclamation! That sounds totally wicked! It sure does, Lower Hutt. It sure does. Now go tell your friends, go to THIS LINK and buy your tickets in advance, and then go make yourself a hot chocolate because you totally deserve it.

Remember, this show is ONE NIGHT ONLY so, if you miss it, you’ll be kicking yourself forever and ever, and every story you tell for the rest of your life will begin with the words “If only I went to that Comedy Show, then maybe I…”

Now here’s a picture of a goose


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