Laughing For Love

As some of you may know, I am getting married in December of this year. Some of you didn’t know that. Now all of you know that. You have no excuse. I have given you this information now.

What you choose to do with it is entirely up to you. However, I would appreciate if you didn’t somehow use the information to torture small animals or kidnap children. That’s bad. Don’t do that with my information. If you absolutely must do one of these activities, please find a way to do it without using the information I have given you. I don’t want to be involved in your strange and twisted fancies.

Anyway, back to the point, I am getting married later this year.

As the woman I am marrying happens to be British, there are a lot of people who will be coming a long way to be a part of our special day. A very long way. Go google the word “Antipodes”, to find out just how far they have to come. In fact, they’re coming from so far away, that if they were any further away, they’d be closer (or in space).

As a minor effort to help ease the financial burden of some of these important people, I am raising funds. I have chosen to raise funds the traditional way: with a fundraiser. I know, right? Wow. How did I think of it?

The fundraising medium I have chosen, however, is way better than all those other lame fundraisers you see around the place. I’m not just putting some annoying guy on a street corner with a bucket of change, and a powerful guilt-stare.

Instead, I am assembling a stellar compilation of local comedy talent, and putting on a show for you fine people. How does that sound? Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Yeah, you love it.

Speaking of love (awesome segue, Brad), since the point of the show is to help bring people to my wedding day (i.e. the day my lovely lady and I celebrate our love), the show will take place on that most love-love-lovely of days; Valentine’s Day. That’s Tuesday 14th of February, for all the men who didn’t know (am I right, ladies? I’m totally right).

Looking at you, I can tell you’re the kind of person who has always disappointed your partner on Valentine’s Day (no, I don’t mean like that, but since you mention it, you could try a little harder…). Don’t disappoint them this year. Dress up nice, take them out, treat them right, and give them the gift of laughter. Make it the best Valentine’s Day yet.

Featuring top local comedians, including:

Jerome Chandrahasen
“Infectious enthusiasm and a delightfully lateral view of the world” – Theatreview

Sam Smith
Winner 2011 Wellington Raw Comedy Quest

Nathan Winter
Nominee NZ Comedy Guild Best Gag 2011

Brad Zimmerman
“A confident, engaging performer… quite the wordsmith” – Chortle

And more great acts to be confirmed.

This Valentine’s Day laugh-fest is proudly sponsored by the Wellington Humorous Arts Trust (, and Whittaker’s Chocolate (, who have kindly donated a delicious chocolate goodie package to be raffled away to a lucky audience member. Could it be you? Possibly.

In summary:

Laughing For Love
8pm, Tuesday, February 14th
Meow Bar (9 Edward Street Wellington)
Tickets $18 ($15 Concession)

You might win chocolate!

Tickets available at (search Laughing For Love)


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