Choice Not Chance (aka “Brad Should Never Rap”)

I, Brad Zimmerman, was lucky enough to recently be involved in a competition called ‘Scribe With Me’ for the New Zealand Choice Not Chance campaign against problem gambling.

The competition consisted of writing either a rap, a song, a poem, or a short story about the dangers of problem gambling. Naturally (owing to me being rather gangster and whathaveyou) I chose to write a rap. I wrote the shit out of that rap. I wrote that rap like somebody somewhere was on fire, and the only way to put them out was by writing a rap (for some reason). What I’m getting at is that I was a regional winner for Wellington, and runner-up nationally.

Being a part of the event was an honour, but the real prize was to participate in a recording studio day, at Munkee Studios in Wellington, with Scribe and some of the winners from around the country.

And what a blast that was! Hanging out in a recording studio with a cool group of people; now I know what Jay-Z feels like. Except my life is better because I don’t have to deal with that Beyonce chick. Eugh. Shudder. Poor Jay. Hang in there, bro.

The winners from around the country were all really awesome people, and each brought something really unique to the experience. Scribe, for anyone who didn’t know, is a wicked dude (and crazy tall).

Here’s a picture of me recording a rap in the studio. Clearly, from my facial expression, purple t-shirt, and “thug-like” body language, you can tell I’m the hardest mofo on the block (da blok?):

The competition was all to raise awareness about the dangers of problem gambling, so obviously it is a very serious subject matter, and I have nothing but respect for the organisers and the whole Choice Not Chance organisation.

However, I suck at rapping.

I know it’s hard to believe (on account of my aforementioned “gangsterness”) but I’m actually very bad at it. Hilariously bad.

Although I do have to give “mad props” and “big ups” to “mah boy”, Robbie Ellis, who made the wicked beat you hear behind my awful, awful rapping. He whipped that shit up like a seasoned pro, when he should’ve been preparing for a live show. Thanks bro. You pulled a sexy magic rabbit out of that hat. (Did I just call a rabbit sexy? Yes I did. Deal with it.)

Follow THIS LINK to hear my ridiculous rap track (over Robbie’s sweet beat), and also the really awesome raps/songs/poems/short stories from the other national winners. Do it.

And then head along to the CHOICE NOT CHANCE HOMEPAGE to learn more about what these folks do for the community.

Also, if you’re a problem gambler, get your head out of your ass and get some help.


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