It’s about time…

…for another blog post from Brad Zimmerman! You may agree (or you may not) but here it goes anyway.

I should point out that I just saw a notification that somebody found my website by googling the question “Are the any other gay christians out there?”

I don’t know why this is relevant. But I find it funny as hell. Apparently there is a lonely gay christian out there who just wants somebody to talk gay christianity with while being all gay and christian. I have no problem with gay people. Gay people are fine (and dandy). Christians, I don’t like. But if one gay christian can find another gay christian to be all gay and christian with, then good for them. I salute you, gay christian dude! I hope you find the gay christian you’ve been looking for.

If you can’t find another gay christian, you may have to convert. Not from gay to straight, that’s not a choice. Gay is gay and natural as anything. I mean convert from christianity to something not as retarded. Your christianity is a choice… a stupid, brainwashed, ridiculous choice.

Anyway, now that I’m done playing gay christian love connection, what else is new? I’ve turned 25 this week. It doesn’t give me any new superpowers or legal rights, but it does mean I can rent a car without an elder’s permission, and it also means insurance companies will finally start treating me like a human being.

…um… ya know what?

I had a whole plan for things I was going to write in this post, but it all kinda went flying out the window when I got into the whole gay christian thing. That threw me off. Now all I can think about is getting this little guy somebody to love. If anybody out there knows a gay christian, or a resource for gay christians to meet other gay christians (or even gay muslims or gay jews or gay krishnas if they’re not picky), then speak up.

I’m a straight atheist (or stratheist, if you will) so I don’t know much about the mating and dating habits of gay christians, but hopefully somebody out there can help my new gay christian buddy.

Sheesh… how many times can I type “gay christian” in one post? Many, it would seem. I can type it many, many times. Go me. I deserve some cake.

I should re-name this post “Gay Christian Love Connection”. I should… but I won’t.

That is all.

Oh, and one more thing. If you’re in Wellington tonight (Thursday 23rd June 2011), be sure to check out the new PRO COMEDY NIGHT at the Fringe Bar!

It’s called The Comedy Corner and there’s more info HERE. Wellington’s top pro comics will bring some premium haha right to your face’s door step. That’s right. Your face has a door step. So get along to the Fringe Bar, grab a drink and enjoy some live comedy.



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