The End of That… but there’s still more!

Hey, big thanks and mad respizect (I didn’t think I could pull that off, but clearly I made it happen) to all you Wellington folk who managed to catch my debut solo NZ International Comedy Festival show, Grown Up.

It was an awesome season with ups (and a couple downs) but two sweet ass reviews, which I will now share with you.

First review is from Chortle, and can be summarised with:
“Zimmerman is a confident, engaging performer… a good storyteller, and quite the wordsmith.”

The second is from Salient Magazine, and is summarised below:
“This talented comedian had the audience at Club Ivy aching with laughter”
“He has a real gift for rapid changes in tone and pace, going from hilarious to dead serious in the same sentence.”
“Brad Zimmerman, with his wit and shining charisma, is a comedian not to be missed”

So… um… yeah. There it is.

Again, thanks to all who came out to see the show; I hope you enjoyed it. Now there’s still TWO EPIC WEEKS of the 2011 NZ International Comedy Festival left, so get out there and see some shows.

Week 2 brings us some colossal comedic concoctions (I know you like the alliteration), such as:

7:00pm All Week
Mark Watson @ San Francisco Bathhouse
Nick Gibb @ The Fringe Bar
James Nokise @ The Garden Club
Rhys Mathewson @ Club Ivy

8:30pm All Week
Carey Marx @ San Francisco Bathhouse
Nick Rado @ The Fringe Bar
Brendhan Lovegrove & Mike King @ The Garden Club
Gish @ Club Ivy
The Nat Pack (Nathan Winter & Natalie Britten) @ Parade Cafe

10:00pm All Week
Sarah Harpur @ The Fringe Bar

Head to the official Comedy Festival Website for more info about all these fantastic shows.

Also, if you head down to The Comedy Booth (Midland Park, Lambton Quay) around lunchtime every day (between 12 and 2pm), there’s a good chance you can meet the performers and maybe get your hands on some super sweet 2-for-1 ticket deals.

So, there’s only one question left to ask… what the fuck are you waiting for?


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