Martinborough Haha Times (and others too)

Hey quick update to all six of you who live in Martinborough.

Be sure to head to the Settlers Bar in Martinborough Square this Thursday for some sweet live comedy from some of the country’s top comedians!

Your host James Nokise will bring to the stage Cori Gonzalez-Macuer (star of tv’s 7 Days, Jono’s New Show, and AotearoHa), Nick Gibb (Billy T award nominee for 2011) and me, Brad Zimmerman (insert future noteworthy accolades here).

The show starts at 8pm, but the last one was a sell out success, so be sure to get your tickets early.

More info about the show is available here.

And in other news there is HEAPS of comedy going on in the Capital this week. I’m talking heaps. If you don’t catch some live comedy this week, even by accident, you must be living in a cave, and therefore are possibly (probably) a member of a terrorist organisation. So you better see some comedy, or I’m calling the United States government. You don’t wanna know what they do to terrorist scum like you. So just see some comedy… or else.

Anyway, here’s a summary of some stuff that’s going down in your fair city this week:

On Wednesday (20th April) you can head to:

Comedy At The Royal, at the Royal on Lambton Quay. It’s a 7pm show packed with top pro Wellington comedians for your Wednesday night haha pleasure.

Or get on down to The Fringe Bar for your regular Wednesday helping of Wednesdays with WIT (the Wellington Improv Troupe) for some hilarious improvised action.

On Thursday you can enjoy:

Raw Meat at Mayfair Cafe in Upper Hutt. New comedians giving it a go and experienced pros trying out new stuff.

Or that awesome Martinborough thing I was telling you about

OR the third and final heat of the 2011 Raw Comedy Quest! Wellington’s newest comedians go head-to-head in an epic battle for supremacy. They each get 7 minutes in which to wow the judges and the audience, in an attempt to reach the Wellington finals, and then the national finals to be crowned New Zealand’s best new comic.

On Friday… there’s nothing. Take a break. Chill out. Relax, bitches.

On Saturday, head to the Cavern Club (Allen St, Wellington CBD) for Jarred Christmas (kiwi ex-pat who has taken UK comedy and TV by storm), Cohen Holloway, James Nokise, and Nick Rado. This show is sure to be a big one, so make sure you get in there and finish your week with a bang.

So that’s it. Get out there and get hit with the comedy stick. Go on. Don’t make me chase you.

More info about all these gigs is available here. Or google them or something. I don’t know what you wanna do about it. Just do something. And put some clothes on.


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