Free Tickets!

Yep, that’s right. If you can read, then I bet you’re excited. The title of this post says what you think it says. Go ahead and re-read it, just to be sure. You’re good? Okay, let’s get to the meat of it.

Everybody likes to see live comedy shows, and everybody likes to win free stuff.

So you’re all gonna LOVE winning free tickets to my new show “Grown Up” in the NZ Comedy Festival. I’m so good to you. I’m like a father who stuck around, even though the kid came out all messed up and stuff.

Here’s the deal.

You tell me what you think are the BEST and WORST things about being a grown up, and I’ll pick my favourite entries and give them double passes to the show (that’s right you can bring a friend!)

It’s THAT simple.

If you have no idea what being a grown up entails (either because you’re six years old or retarded or a retarded six year old) then make some shit up. (Keep in mind, however, the show is in a licensed venue and may contain some adult language)

Email your entries through to with the subject header “Grown Up Ticket Comp”, and be sure to include your name and contact details.

You lucky little bastards. Get amongst it.

And don’t be selfish. Spread the word to all your friends, family, and even strangers in the street. They shouldn’t miss out just because you wanna be a bit greedy.


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