Wellington Comedy – Humorous.co.nz

Hey quick message for all o’ y’allz (why do I keep talking like that?) to let you know about the new online home for Wellington Comedy.

That’s right ALL THINGS related to comedy happening in our sweetass capital (ooh yeah damn Wellingtongirl, yo ass be sweeter than sugar yo) have been collated into one handy site.

“But how will that come in handy, Brad?” I hear you ask.

BOOM! Scenario:
Your life is boring and you put two options in front of yourself.

Option one is to kill yourself. Not a great option, on account of it’s kinda a little bit final. What if you regret it? No turning back now. You shouldn’t have been so eager. What a waste.

Option two is to find some awesome comedy going on in your city, so you can go to it, have a fantastic evening, and lend a certain amount of much-needed validity to your currently pathetic existence.

I think, of these two options, there is a clear winner (and it’s not the kill yourself one, in case you’re still thinking about that you whiney little emo bastard).

So now you wanna know what’s going in Wellington, but don’t know where to start looking? Well humorous.co.nz, that’s where. Go on. Go there now and have a look. I’ll wait for you.

Did you look? You so did. Good. Now go eat a Gingernut, find a show, get some tickets, and get out of the house you sad, sad, miserable git. That’s right. I called you a git. I’m an old person from England now. Deal with it.

There’s even a link to my show “Brad Zimmerman: Grown Up” on there. What are the odds? You don’t have to check it out though… No pressure… I’m just saying.


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