Step Right Up!

If you’re sitting there, stalking hopelessly through internet-land, desperate for entertainment, grab a gingernut biscuit and look no further my friend, because…

Pre-sale tickets for the 2011 New Zealand International Comedy Festival are now available via Ticketek!

That’s right, you can get in early and book your tickets to the hottest shows coming up in this year’s comedy festival. If the numbers from last year’s festival are any indication, then the best seats will sell… FAST.

There is an enormous selection of shows this year, with every form of comedy you can think of from sketch to improv to musical to stand up to strange combinations of those and other genres, so there’s definitely something for everybody.

(Caution, the following is a shameless self-promotion)

One show you simply must check out, above all others, is “Brad Zimmerman: Grown Up”. (P.S. That’s my show… i.e. the show I’m doing… i.e. the show that is mine).

In “Grown Up”, I will attempt to explore what it means to be an adult, in a (possibly feeble) attempt to figure out whether or not I am one. What is an adult anyway?

Whether you think you’re already a grown up and want to look back on your own journey, or you think you’re not quite there yet and want to know what might be ahead, don’t miss out on my 2011 New Zealand International Comedy Festival show, “Brad Zimmerman: Grown up”.

The show runs May 3rd – 7th, 7pm
Club Ivy, Dixon St, Wellington


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