Get Amongst It

Yo, I iz jus’ quick updatin’ y’allz on sum stuff fo’ y’allz 2 be knowin’ ’bout.

Wow, I think that sentence gave me cancer.

Anyway, for fans in Auckland, Brad (that’s me) will be doing a run of shows at The Classic Comedy Club on Queen Street next week. To catch him (me) in action, here are the details:

Wed 9th Feb – Big Wednesday
Thu 10th Feb – Pro Comedy Night
Fri 11th Feb – Weekend Comedy Showcase (8pm)
Fri 11th Feb – The Late Show (10pm)
Sat 12th Feb – Weekend Comedy Showcase

Check out the Classic Website for more info about these (and lots of other) shows.

So there you have it. Now you know where he’ll (I’ll) be. You can’t UN-know it.

In other news, Raw Meat Mondays have started up again for 2011, the first show having enjoyed a great crowd on Monday 31st Jan. Let’s keep that rolling with more great, enthusiastic crowds each week.

Make sure to come along to the Fringe Bar (Cnr Cuba & Vivian St, Wellington) before 8pm every Monday to catch new comedians giving it a go, and old comedians trying out some experimental new shit. Only $5 for a guaranteed night of entertainment.

– I’ll be in Auckland doing the above shows.
– Raw Meat Mondays are back for 2011.

Grab a gingernut and get amongst it.


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