Enable the Laughter, Enable the World

Laughing at disabled people is a pretty shitty thing to do. You shouldn’t do it. Stop it. It’s not nice.

However, laughing WITH disabled people, FOR disabled people, and for the fantastic folks who care for them, is a great idea and you should definitely get on board! Now, THAT’s an effort worthy of a gingernut.

Chairs for the laughs... puns are cool
Chur bro!

LaughAble is a charity comedy event happening in Wellington over two hilarious nights (Friday 17th September and Friday 24th September), with all proceeds going towards a registered charity in aid of the physically handicapped.

The line-up is already packed with great acts, including:

2010 Billy T Nominee, TJ McDonald
2006 Billy T Nominee, Jerome Chandrahasen
Top local comic, Matiaha Paku
Newcomer, Shaun Howes
1986-2010 Awesomest Person in the World Winner, Brad Zimmerman (it’s an award I made up, but I still deserve it)

And more amazing acts being added each day!

This is your chance to have a guaranteed guilt-free fun night out, so grab a friend and head down to the Fringe Bar (cnr Cuba & Vivian Streets, Wellington).

Enjoy a great show and support a worthy cause at the same time. Earning karma points has never been so easy (and so much fun).

In fact, by coming to this show, you’ll earn enough “good dude” points to finally be able to punch that self-righteous vegan guy you know right in the face, and he can’t do anything about it. You know the guy I mean. 

You can buy tickets to LaughAble here. Get in quick, because they’re selling fast!

(If the link doesn’t work, you can find it on eventfinder.co.nz)

Peace, love, and all that stuff.


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