Comedy Chat! 19/08/10

Yo. (That’s what the kids say these days, isn’t it?) Yo, my home boys and fly girls, what is happening with your bad selves? You best be getting jiggy with it and getting krunk and macking on dem hoes and stuff. (That doesn’t seem like great english. A terrible start to the blog post, Brad. You’ve really let the team down.)

Now that you’re here, let me tell you about something. On the 19th of August, you’re in for a treat. Well, to be more specific, if you’re in Wellington, and you like live comedy, you’re in for a treat. Wow, and what a treat it is. It’s like totally a treat and everything. We’re treating you to a treat. Have I said the word “treat” enough, to lodge it into your brain yet? I have? Wow, what a treat.

Anyway, on Thursday the 19th of August, we’re treating you (I couldn’t resist just one more) to the first ever night of what’s sure to be a shining new jewel in the Wellington comedy crown. Wellington does wear a crown of comedy, doesn’t it? If not, that reputable crackhead homeless dude owes me some better information or my slice of pizza back. Thursday the 19th of August is the first Comedy Chat at The Katipo Cafe!

Thursdays just got a whole lot better...

Comedy Chat is a regular live stand up comedy night (well more of an early evening thing, if we’re being anal about it) aimed at giving you a good case of the ha-has before your tough working week is through.

With a 6pm start, you can come straight from your office, or cafe, or wherever the hell you work, and enjoy a coffee/cake/beer/line of cocaine/prostitute/sledge hammer in the balls/whatever you fancy, and watch some top-notch local comedy. And after all that, you’ll still be home in time to eat dinner/watch some lame TV show/beat your kids/sledge hammer in the balls/whatever you fancy.

The question is, how can you resist? You can’t. That’s the answer to the question. You can’t. That’s the answer once again, in case you missed it the first time.

Come along to the first ever Comedy Chat, on Thursday 19th August, to see ME (that’s Brad Zimmerman, for all you third-person-perspective fans out there), MC-ing and bringing to you such amazing New Zealand comics as:
Nick Gibb (2010 Winner of Wellington Raw Comedy Competition and Finalist of the National Raw Comedy Competition, not to mention damn nice guy)
Nikolai L’Estrange (weird guy with glasses and a seemingly dodgy past that will intrigue the pants right off of your skinny little chicken legs)
Nat Britten (a.k.a. N-2da-at-2da-Briz-itten, a.k.a. The Puke with a Uke, a.k.a. Bob, a.k.a. one third of the popular Wellington sketch group, Little Moustache)
Shaun Howe (I gotta be honest, I don’t know Shaun that well, but he’s a funny mofo. I’ve seen it.)
And the musical comedy stylings of Robbie Ellis and Gabe Page!

Katipo Cafe (on Willis Street, a door or two from New World Metro)
Only ten measley Earth dollars
Thursday, 19th August

Mark your calendar, not your face.

Oh, and have you lost weight? You look fantastic. Do you want to go to dinner some time?


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  1. When I get a gig poster done this is going on it.

    “weird guy with glasses and a seemingly dodgy past that will intrigue the pants right off of your skinny little chicken legs” – Brad Zimmerman

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