Comedy – The Fringe Bar 26th July 2010

Howdy y’all!

I don’t know why I greeted you like I’m a cowboy. Actually, I don’t know why I greeted you at all. Anyway, just go with it. It’s easier for everyone that way. Yeah, just do what the nice man says. Back away nice and slow and nobody gets hurt. Wow this very quickly became a hostage situation. It’s amazing how swiftly things can go wrong in today’s hectic world.

Something that’s not wrong, in any way shape or form, is Live Stand Up Comedy at The Fringe Bar!

If you’re in Wellington on Monday, the 26th of July, don’t miss Brad Zimmerman (that’s totally my name) doing a funny haha thing at The Fringe Bar, on the corner of Cuba and Vivian Streets. I’ll be MC-ing, so if the whole thing comes ridiculously and painfully unglued, you have me and me only to blame.

There’ll be some great acts trying out some new stuff, and some brand newbies too, which is always fun. It’s gonna be a hugely fun night, so bring your smiley faces and your happy pants (which sounds ruder than I intended) and let the good times roll.

Come along and support support support New Zealand comedy!

Also, if you’re interested in giving stand up a go, come along and talk to the management after the show. They’ll hook you up with a spot at some point in the future. Wicked fresh!

Peace for now, and see ya there!

The Fringe Bar
Cnr Cuba & Vivian Streets
8pm (show up before then though)
Monday 26th July
Only $5!!!


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