Quick Update!

Brad is MC-ing Corn Stars in Palmerston North THIS FRIDAY! If you haven’t made a plan to get along to the show, then make that plan now.

It’s gonna be a friggin’ epic show and you’ll be crying for the rest of your pathetic life if you miss it. You’re life will only be pathetic if you don’t see it. If you do see it, then your life will be a giant tapestry of victory. Trust me. I know.

And in other news, if you’re anywhere near Dannevirke, don’t miss the Sarah Harpur fundraiser show on Friday 25th June. Sarah is a Fringe and Comedy Festival LEGEND and you Dannevirke people should see her while you still can. Also, I’ll be there, and you all know how awesome I… think I am. Help fuel my ego, and get tickets to this show.

One final thing, if you were unable to catch Jetlagged during the 2010 NZ International Comedy Festival, you can now catch a few short clips on the Jetlagged website to see what you missed. If you did see it, you should still check out the clips, because I’m sure you’re having cravings for some sweet, sweet travel-themed comedy goodness.


That is all.



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