Corn Stars, June 2010

To steal a great line (and edit it somewhat) from a classic movie, “Come with us if you want to laugh”…

Okay, yeah it’s cheesy, but who cares? Don’t judge me. Shut up. That top you’re wearing is ugly. You see what you made me do? I didn’t want to be that mean, but you drove me to it. I like your top. It’s snazzy. I was just retaliating because you hurt me with your constant judging. Can we still be friends? Yeah, that’ll be cool. Facebook me. We can poke.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know if you’re in the Palmerston North area (i.e. Palmerston North) on June 18th, you should totally rock into the Globe Theatre for Corn Stars Comedy Club.

It’s the best and most hilarious comedy night in Palmerston North and only swings around every couple months, so DON’T MISS IT.

And as if the teeny tiny little $10 ticket price (I know, super crazy bargain time) wasn’t enough, there are cheap drinks, wicked food, and some of the best comedians in New Zealand strutting their cheeky stuff just for you. And what did you do to deserve this awesome treat? Nothing. That’s right. You did absolutely nothing at all. You lazy son of a bitch. You didn’t do anything. But we still love you anyway, and that’s why there’s a wicked show steering head on towards your unsuspecting face.

And to quote the epically annoying Suzanne Paul “But wait, there’s more!” Headlining this special event is none other the The Comediettes!

The Comediettes are NZ Fringe Festival and NZ Comedy Festival super hits for both 2009 and 2010, and this will probably be your last chance to catch them before they’re too famous. What are you waiting for? I’ll tell you what you’re waiting for. Corn Stars on the 18th of June, that’s what you’re waiting for.

Oh, and just in case your mind wasn’t made up already about Corn Stars, guess who’ll be your special guest MC for the evening? Yeah, it’s Brad Zimmerman. That’s me. It felt like a 3rd-person perspective moment. I will be hosting Corn Stars Comedy Club on June 18th, so… yeah… do it… check it out. I don’t wanna toot my own horn, but I’m pretty amazing.

Corn Stars
Friday 18th June
Globe Theatre
Palmerston North

Cornstars June 18th Flyer


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