Oh my god it’s FREE TICKETS!

You can’t win at most things in life. In fact, looking at you, you probably won’t win anything. Face it. You’re a lost cause.

Until now, that is! You now have a chance to win a prize more valuable than any other. Well actually, it’s not that valuable when you consider the monetary worth, but it’s very valuable spiritually. And by spiritually, I don’t mean all stupid and Jesus-y. I just mean it’s good for you. Like Gingernuts and hot chocolate. That’s all. No need to get all “Hey something something complainy blah blah” (because I know that’s what you’re like).

P.S. I couldn’t think of an interesting complaint you’d make, so I just wrote what felt right. You’d totally say that though.

Anyway, the point is, you can win FREE DOUBLE PASSES to ‘YHA Presents: Jetlagged’, during the 2010 New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Holy amazing prizes, Batman! Jinkies! Yikes! Another exclamation!

Just visit the Jetlagged website to find out how you can win free double passes to the most hilarious show in this year’s comedy festival.

You love it.


Or if you don’t want to enter the competition to win free tickets, you can simply go to the Ticketek website and BUY some tickets instead.


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