It’s all on, people

Two links here for you, ladies, gentlemen, and other (circle whichever best applies)

The first is a link to a local newspaper article about yours truly (that’s how knobs say the word “me”) .

Published in the Kapi Mana newspaper (local newspaper for majority of the North Wellington region, up to the Kapiti Coast), is an article about what I do, why I do it, and where you can see me doing what I do, when I’m doing it.

Discussed, is the origin of my comedy aspirations, the place of my upbringing, my views on the state of comedy today, and a mention of how shitty London is, as a city to live in. The article is called “Porirua Man’s Comedy Fest Quest”. That’s a pretty nifty title. Haha… nifty.

Here’s a link to the Kapi Mana article, for your perusal. In the printed version, they included an image. A sexy image of sexy me with my sexy backpack… sexy. If you want to see the sexy image, let me know. I’m sure I can reward you happy little squirrels with a glance at my handsomeness.

The second link I want to share with you (you’re being so patient, by the way. Have a Gingernut) is a questionaire from New Zealand’s TV3. The questionaire covers many things, including where and when you can see me in the upcoming New Zealand International Comedy Festival, what my first ever gig was like, career highlights, what I find funny, etc.

Here‘s a link to the TV3 questionaire.

I almost feel bad for just sharing these links with you, and no real content or images. Not bad enough to do something about it, but bad enough to go “that’s pretty stink” then move on with my day. You know, the same level of bad-feeling that you get when you see African orphans on TV. You go “That sucks. Someone should really help those kids. Not me… but someone.” That’s how I feel about not writing properly here, or adding hilarious images to this post.

Gee, you’d think by now, I’d either stop writing, or just post that damned sexy image I was telling you about. But nope, I haven’t done that. I’m just teasing now. You like that, don’t you? You like it when I tease you.

Okay, that’s enough of that. I’m gonna be nice and give you a picture. Let’s see, what should I give you to look at?

Oh, I know! Here’s someone about to get seriously messed up on their bicycle. Enjoy.

Should've taken the bus today

 Seriously, check out those links though, or just go to Ticketek and make sure you’ve got your tickets for YHA Presents: Jetlagged! in the Comedy Festival!


6 thoughts on “It’s all on, people

Add yours

  1. Wow – you’re on the TV3 website too? This is getting ‘outta control’ (as the chemical brothers might say)

  2. What do you think would be a better life for African orphans? Them just starving to death…or actually giving their life a purpose and making them slaves? I’m just saying…cos I need a new pair of shoes and have you seen the prices at Rebel???

  3. Yeah it’s out of control (Jenny, I still know it’s you), but out of control in a good way! Like pregnant teenagers on meth.
    Nathan, I don’t ever do this, so be very VERY honoured… I’m going to “lol” at your comment. I am lol-ing right now.

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