Finally… (sorry, it’s about religion again)

Finally! Somebody who knows what they’re talking about.

Meet John Shore, ladies and gentlemen. He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you chuckle, he’ll make you guffaw… what the hell is a ‘guffaw’ anyway? Does anybody even guffaw anymore? If they do, they should probably quit it, because they look ridiculous and people are beginning to talk.

Most importantly, John Shore will make you put down your bible.

Just a quick link here, to John’s site, helping you to see the light (not in a faggy Jesus kind of way).

A tattooed vagina... 'nuff said

6 thoughts on “Finally… (sorry, it’s about religion again)

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  1. Surely if one wished to discredit the bible you’d need to read it? So you mean put down the Bible after reading it? It seems an awful lot of work with no promise of reward… I think I’ll just shrug my shoulders and accept everything with the ambivalence I accept society in general with.

    1. Although I am yet to read it (I do actually intend to, believe it or not), one can make the accusation that anybody who is willing to base their entire belief system, and way of life, from a story book… is fucking stupid. You hear that, Lord of the Rings elvish-speakers? Get a haircut.

  2. Try and get hold of the abridged/edited versions…they get to the point quicker :> If you want a real entertaining sacred text try the Upanishads (hindu text) well worth the effort!`

    Story books they may be, however many religious texts are historically accurate (from what we know about historic battles, geography etc…) even if you don’t believe in gaseous vertebrates! The line between truth n fiction is kinda blurry…remember people thought the trojan horse greek/sparta thing was a myth til archaeological evidence suggested otherwise. Whether we call a mysterious force “gravity” or “god” we still haven’t actually explained the “thing in itself”…but thanks to language we either obfuscate or speak in tautologies!

    I’m gunna stop now before I become unfunny for all eternity…love the blog!!!

    1. Nathan, you’re awesome (stupid intelligent bastard.. and yes, I realise stupid intelligent is a pretty retarded thing to say. Look who you’re talking to.)
      And you’ll never be not-funny. Just the fact that you’re from the Hutt… is funny enough.

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