Look at this. I know you want to.

It’s here, ladies and gentlemen. You’ve been waiting. You’ve been patient. You’ve been good little sausages.

Wait no more, minions! (I mean valuable and totally awesome fans.) The Jetlagged poster is FINAL, it’s printed, and it’s coming your way very soon. In mere days, (you hear that? DAYS!) Wellington will begin to be plastered up and down by my beautiful face, and the not-horribly-unappealing visage of one Cruzanne Macalister. Aren’t you people lucky?

Check it out, bitches.

You can drool. You're only human.

You can still get your tickets at Ticketek (click the button at the top of this page), in case you haven’t already.

You love me. You love my poster. You’re so wicked cool. Have a gingernut biscuit. You deserve it.

Huge thanks to all the people who made it possible. Thanks to my mum for believing in me. Thanks to my agent. Thanks to god… ha! Just kidding. Stupid religious people. Look at you. What a douche.

Seriously though, thanks to people who helped with the design and print of the poster. And thanks to Bailey, from Eclipse Photographic, for the awesome photo shoot. You’re all awesome.

This is for you.

More thug than a pimpslap upside your head

Hahahahahahaha catch ya later.


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