You can too!

So, the 2010 New Zealand International Comedy Festival is mere weeks away, and the excitement around the country is getting intense! Comedians are stretching, warming up, and getting limber, because we’re about to get physical, ladies and gentlemen!

Every year, the New Zealand International Comedy Festival is the biggest and brightest event on the New Zealand performing arts calendar. The NZICF is a three week jam-packed extravaganza, showcasing the best of the best local and international comedy talent for you, the much-deserving people. Do you want to laugh? You want to laugh. Trust me. Laughing is good. They say laughter is the best medicine, did you know that? I reckon you knew that. You’re a smart guy and/or girl.

You can get involved. I know you can. You’re so awesome and powerful. You’re like vampires used to be, before they went all crappy and emo. You’re the shizzle, as some of the kids would say. Kids with baggy this, and backwards that. You know the ones I’m talking about.

“How can I get involved?” you ask yourself? Good question, member of the viewing public! For one, you can start by getting your tickets already! Can you believe it? Tickets are available for sale. This is absolutely crazy. Get yours. Get yours now, you fluffy kitten of happiness.

Jetlagged tickets are selling fast. Don't miss out!

You can also be involved by spreading the word about any amazing shows you can’t wait to see (cough cough Jetlagged cough cough), or any comedians who really interest you (cough cough Brad Zimmerman cough). Sorry about that. I have a cold.

Buy your tickets for Jetlagged and other shows NOW NOW NOW, and you can take advantage of group discounts, for groups of ten or more people.

The show price for Jetlagged is only $12.50 (one of the cheapest shows in the whole festival, by the way. We did that for you… you’re welcome) or $10 each for concessions or big groups.

Get your friends, get your family (even that dodgy uncle of yours, but not your nan, she’s crocheting right now and you don’t want to interrupt her latest woolen masterpiece), get your workmates, reconnect with old school chums and get them, get that chick from the local cafe you always go to (you know the one with the eyebrow piercing), host some foreign exchange students and get them, get anyone you can find together and go to TICKETEK and get your tickets now!

If you can’t gather a group of people, a round-up, a gang, a circle-jerk, a herd, a pride, a flock, a congregation, an entourage, a posse, we understand. You should still come along anyway. We’re nice people, us comedy-folk, and we’ll treat ya real good, y’hear? We might even give you candy. How does that sound? Would you like some candy? I bet you would. Look at you. You love candy, don’t you? I don’t blame you. Candy is awesome.

Candy... Take that, diabetes!

 Well there you have it, boys and girls. You’ve got self-righteous terrorist hippies (oh, sorry ‘activists’) wrecking spy bases in Waihopai, you’ve the Wellywood sign controversy, you’ve got Avatar, you’ve got Justin Bieber, you’ve got Lil Wayne, you’ve got Saint Patrick’s Day, you’ve got Lady Gaga, you’ve got the death of 80’s child star Corey Haim, you’ve got Michael Jackson releasing ten more albums after his untimely demise, you’ve got a Fijian cyclone named Tomas, you’ve got global recession, you’ve got climate change, and you’ve got a couple put in jail in Dubai for sending raunchy texts to each other.

This is a crazy world we live in, but you’ll always have the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, and you’ll always have Jetlagged!


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