You can still get tickets for Jetlagged here while they’re available!

Part of the 2010 New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Levin is not just a small town, it’s a state of mind that dwells in every New Zealander, and quite possibly every person in the world.

It’s the part of our brains that gets excited about letterboxes, cows, and areas without any fastfood chains, cinemas, or basic human excitement.

Gareth Bradley, Nathan Winter, Jez Brown, and Brad Zimmerman are all veterans of the local comedy scene, and are prepared to bring you into their lives for this hilarious hour of comedy in the heart of central Wellington.

These four small-town kiwi lads bring you tales from the perspective of their backwater upbringings and the people who go through them. They’ll tell you all about growing up, living, and eventually leaving their low-population lifestyles, although one fact will always remain…

You can take the man out of Levin, but you can’t Levin out of the man.

Levin. It's in all of us...

Dates: May 5 – May 8, 8pm

Katipo Café, Willis Street, Wellington



Add yours

  1. ooo another place I can taunt you.
    Nice website…but please don’t say the second part of take the man out of…it’s implied. Be nice to Lady Gaga too.

    1. Lady Gaga is some kind of androgynous man-lady whore. Her appeal is solely derived from her weirdness, which can be (and has been) easily manufactured by her record company and any music video director who strolls through the door.
      Does anybody remember Madonna in the 80’s? Exact same thing… EXACT same thing.
      But that’s not the point. Levin, For Beginners. Great show. Not to be missed.

  2. Pop music is not for listening too, it’s for “hearing”…and it has no ending for it is “consumed”…thus, the pop “singer” draws attention to the song’s one distinguishing feature his/herself…should the music not be more important than the person who performs it? Apparently not, for now we can only sing the song the song by becoming the singer. If I were to recite Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” WITHOUT his vocal inflections and undignified gyrations I would look a fool (granted, I would also look a fool if I had his vocals and gyrations down pat!), which is why it is so easy to parody “music” by regurgitating back the lyrics minus the stars “personality”…but ah yes, great show…you’re right!

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