Brad Zimmerman is an award-winning comedian from Wellington, New Zealand.

He has performed all over New Zealand and the UK, including the Wellington
Opera House, the London Comedy Store, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and three solo one-hour shows  in the NZ International Comedy Festival (“Grown Up” 2011, “Skydiving With My Mum” 2013, and “Looking At Myself” 2016)

He is the founder and director of Mic Drop Ltd, and is currently producing “Wellington Mic Drop”; a new web series showcasing the amazing talent in the Wellington comedy community.

He has written a number of fantasy short stories, one fantasy novel, and is currently working on his second (“working”).

Outside of all that professional stuff, he’s a husband, a dad, an avid fantasy reader, a 3rd-level Dwarven Cleric, and an award-winning rapper (not even kidding).


Nominee – Most Improved Comedian – 2011 NZ Comedy Guild Awards
Nominee – Best Show Concept (Tag Team Comedy ) – 2014 NZ Comedy Guild Awards
Winner – Best Show Concept (Tag Team Comedy) – 2014 Wellington Comedy Awards
Nominee – Best Show (Mic Drop) – 2016 Wellington Comedy Awards
Winner – Best Show Concept (I Didn’t Write This) – 2016 Wellington Comedy Awards
Winner – Best Joke – 2016 Wellington Comedy Awards


“Brad Zimmerman, with his wit and shining charisma, is a comedian not to be missed” – Salient

“He has a real gift for rapid changes in tone and pace, going from hilarious to dead serious in the same sentence” – Salient

“Zimmerman is a confident, engaging performer… a good storyteller, and quite the wordsmith” – Chortle

“Zimmerman’s timing and delivery elicit warm laughs and there is a relaxed charm about him” – Theatreview

“His delivery is slick” – Theatreview

“Comedy that really wears its heart on its sleeve” – Theatreview

“A breath of fresh air… unpredictable flow and vivid personality” – Positively Wellington Venues


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